Nutrition & Enhancer For Men Who Want To Have Kids

Do you finally want to start a family with your partner? As a man, you can actively contribute to making your sperm fit for fertilization and increasing sperm quality. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, kamagra 100mg, and sufficient exercise, an adequate supply of nutrients, and a healthy diet help above all.

Male fertility, kamagra, and nutrition

In order to beget new life, husband and wife must work together properly. For successful fertilization, it is not only the composition of the female egg that is decisive but also the quality of the sperm. Only the fittest sperm reach their destination.

Now, an excellent condition of the male ejaculate is not a matter of course. International studies on reproductive capacity have shown that more and more men worldwide are showing a decreasing concentration of sperm fluid. Male ejaculate has been getting thinner and thinner since the 1970s, which particularly affects men with a Western lifestyle. Other factors also come into play here, such as environmental influences, genetic defects, or illnesses, but with a conscious lifestyle, every man can have an influence.

A balanced diet with effective nutrients not only ensures male fertility but also vitality and performance.

kamagra 100mg

How important is a balanced, healthy diet for male fertility?

In order to increase male fertility, there have always been and always have been recipes that are shrouded in legend. The legendary womanizer Casanova ate 50 oysters a day to strengthen his manhood. With success, he is said to have an indefinite number of children. Perhaps the 18th-century Italian guessed exactly why. These shellfish from the sea are excellent suppliers of zinc. Just one oyster contains a whopping 10 mg of zinc which is almost a man’s daily requirement.

Man does not have to do it exactly like him, but with the right diet, a man can increase the chances of conceiving. An expectant father should eat just as nutritious and varied as an expectant mother.

A healthy diet isn’t everything: Other factors to consider

It is crucial for successful fertilization that the sperm is in the best condition. What can you as a man do to help your partner get pregnant? There are some things you can do to affect the quality of your sperm. Just as a healthy diet is beneficial, in return it is important to prevent harmful behavior and to question one’s own lifestyle.

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