Types of Foods To Eat To Help With Muscle Stretching

Stretching or Flexibility (limberness) is the range of movement in the joints or series of joints and muscle length. Muscle flexibility is not the same for each individual specifically when it comes to muscle length and multi-joint muscles.

What is the importance of muscle flexibility/muscle stretching?

We all need to be flexible in order to do our daily routines, from the time you wake up in the morning, throughout the day, until you get ready for bed again.  We all need to be flexible. However, as we age, our flexibility decreases. It shows with stiff hips, tight hamstrings, and we can hardly even touch our toes. But we can improve flexibility even as we age.

Read this helpful resource to unlock your hip flexors – https://buffedd.com/reviews/unlock-your-hip-flexors/. As we age through time, the group of muscles that connect the thigh bone to the pelvis and lumbar spine loses its flexibility. But this could be corrected with proper exercise and the right foods.

Aside from practicing Pilates and yoga, there are still other things we can do to improve muscle stretching. And we can start with the food we eat. In this section, let’s talk about types of food to eat to help with muscle stretching.

Types of Foods To Eat To Help With Muscle Stretching


Protein-rich foods such chicken, dairy, fish, beans, and pulses actually help us become stronger and supple. Protein foods are not only good in keeping our body full but it is also the secret to keep a good and flexible body figure.


This fruit is known to be a great source of omega 3 which can be a great substitute to fish if you have hard access to fresh fish, or to those who don’t really vote fish to be in their diet.


Ginger has a stimulating effect on the circulatory system that is why when included in your daily diet it helps promote flexibility. Ginger is also good in reducing inflammation in the joints and muscles.


Turmeric is a family of ginger, commonly known for its yellow color that sticks to the skin when touched. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, helps improve circulation, and also great for repairing muscles and great for improving the body’s flexibility.


Nutritionist recommends oranges in our daily diet because it is rich in Vitamin C that aids in the combat of free radicals. Free radicals are produced when we exercise so it is a good idea to add oranges into our diet so as to help prevent chronic disease and help in the recovery of the body. It can even help improve the body’s ability to stretch and remain flexible.

Grape Juice.

This wonder fruit offers a lot of benefits because it is rich in flavonoids that can increase good cholesterol. It also has rich resveratrol that can reduce the risk of cancer. And nitric oxide that helps improve cardio health. Overall, grape juice offers great health benefits that even include joint health.

Oily fish.

Studies show that oily fish is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 3s. This type of fat offers a whole lot of benefits which can improve heart health, regulate blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. It also shows that oily fish can enhance joint mobility that further allows muscle stretching.


It is important to hydrate the body. So if there is one thing that should always be in the kitchen, it’s water. Hydrating the body is one key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility. The human muscles are composed of mostly water and it’s the water content in muscle that’s responsible for allowing more muscle flexibility.


These small fruits have anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute well in muscle recovery and help prevent joint sores.


Studies show that watermelon contains amino acid L-citrulline which helps reduce muscle soreness and improve athletic performance.


A Diet For Flexibility

A helpful video to give you an outlook of what your diet should look like if your goal is to maintain muscle flexibility. This video does not only benefit those who are aiming to increase flexibility. But overall this video benefits a person’s health as a whole.