Why Eating Healthy Food is Not Enough to Boost HGH Production

Eating healthy food helps in the regular secretion of human growth hormones (HGH), but its healthy effects depend on the levels of HGH circulating in the blood. Food experts highly recommend eating eggs, fish, nuts, seeds,meat, milk, tomatoes, grapes and raspberries in order to maintain normal levels of HGH flowing in the circulatory system.

How Do Human Growth Hormones Impact the Body

Growth hormones are not directly involved in the generation of cells in relation to the building of muscle tissues, in bone growth and elongation,  in promoting hair growth and use of stored fat in adipose tissues. HGH is produced by the pituitary glands and released in the bloodstream to act as chemical messengers. That way the hormones reach organs that need optimum HGH to carry out their functions. HGH reaching the liver for example, results in the production of Insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1.

However, increasing intake of foods that spur increases in HGH levels is not always advisable. Mainly because what you eat has a profound effect on different body systems. This was proven in a study that showed healthy people generally have HGH levels higher by 3 to 4 times than their contemporaries.

Another study showed that high insulin levels as results of high sugar intakes can in turn bring down HGH levels. Insulin is important because it enables the cells of the muscles and adipose fat to burn glucose as body energy.

Health Habits that Enable Optimum Production of HGH

While eating healthy foods can help oncrease levels of growth hormones, there are certain habits that people should develop or avoid in order to achieve optimum production of growth hormones.

Engage in High Intensity Exercise

Exercise has been proven as one of the most effective ways to increase growth hormone levels. Performing sprints, weight training, interval training or circuit training can maximize fat loss, lower insulin levels and therefore boost HGH production.

Still, the increase depends on the intensity of exercises performed, the kind of food taken in, and the physical traits of a person.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep reduces the amount of growth hormones produced by a body, because new growth hormones are usually released in pulses during sleep. Studies have shown that the largest pulses and release of hormones are during midnight, while some smaller pulses still occur during the early morning hours. Still, research shows that pulse occurrences depend on a person’s circadian rhythm and internal body clock.

Another important thing to keep in mind in order to optimize one’s sleep is not to eat a lot if you’re about to go to bed. Some weight loss experts even suggest avoiding food intakes before bedtime.

What about Using HGH Injectables?

As an aside, HGHLager, a website that carries reviews about HGH supplements, reminds consumers that when looking to order HGH injectables online, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website to obtain information.

While HGH injectables are recommended to help the body build lean muscle mass and at the same time lose weight, HGHLager cautions buyers to consider the costs as some brands of growth hormones are expensive, while some are not. However, the difference is that legit manufacturers in Euro pe use advanced and costly equipment to ensure the quality of their HGH injectables.