How to Eat Healthy While in Orlando

Healthy Pasta


It really mustn’t be all burgers, hot dogs, and fries during your holiday to Orlando, Florida. There are such a large amount of great healthy eating options available whether you’re cooking at your vacation villa in Orlando, eating at the parks, or dining out at one of the various restaurants within the Disney, Orlando area.

If you propose to rent a villa in Orlando for your vacation then you may be ready to take full advantage of the local Publix or Wal-Mart store and refill your abode fridge with fresh fruit, salads, vegetables, etc. On our way from the airport to our vacation villa, we usually stop off at Wal-Mart or Publix. We prefer to develop a Rotisserie chicken and a salad for a healthy alfresco dinner by the pool on our first evening in Florida which is something that your physician from a health clinic Orlando would recommend. Great for packing up picnics for days at the parks or days at the beach, the deli at Wal-Mart is extremely good for cooked meats and cheeses. We like Publix for soldiers – Tilapia could be a favorite and is sweet oven-baked with herbs and so served with an easy salad and juice. Bread is usually sweetened so it’s worth checking the packaging as a number of the multi-grain “healthy bread” are much lower in sugar or haven’t any added sugar. The Italian, French, and Cuban bread from the fresh bakery section in Wal-Mart also are excellent.

Our kids prefer to make pancakes for every one American breakfast once they are in Florida, we usually get the Hungry Jacks Whole-wheat Complete Pancake mix and Sugar-Free Pancake syrup. I usually then wish to get some whole-wheat breakfast cereal and put it into small bags for mid-morning snacks whilst at the parks.

One of the items we like best about renting a villa in Florida is having the ability to Barbeque by the pool and revel in a relaxed, healthy alfresco meal with a pleasant chilled glass of wine, whilst watching a pretty Florida sunset.

It’s also good to extra service on bottles of water from the supermarket and chill them within the full-size fridge at your vacation rental villa, able to do away with to the parks. We frequently freeze some bottles of water too in order that we’ve got chilled water with us all day long….this can save $$ on buying drinking water within the parks. It’s important to make sure that everybody drinks much water within the Florida heat so make sure you always have bottles of water with you.


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Food offerings at the parks vary from victuals outlets to full-service restaurants. There are healthy options available altogether parks….check out the park maps. If you can, pack a healthy lunch or a minimum of some healthy snacks in order that you’re less tempted by the large pretzels and also the funnel cakes!!

Restaurants we like when eating out:

  • Carrabbas Italian Grill
  • Mannys Chophouse
  • Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
  • Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant
  • Bahama Breeze Caribbean Cuisine
  • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • Bonefish Grill

Restaurant portions are often large however don’t be tempted to overeat, simply eat your normal serving and have the remainder boxed to require home. You’ll then enjoy it for lunch the subsequent day at your vacation rental home.

Have any dressing served on the side and substitute fries for a salad.


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