Food Tips For Building Muscle & Preventing Loss

When it comes to strength training, you give it your all. Logically you want to see results preferably in the form of strong arm muscles and six pack abs.

Valuable tips on how you can influence your muscle metabolism

Eat enough

Only if your body is supplied with sufficient energy and nutrients can new muscles be built up and existing muscles be preserved. Especially around your training you should ensure an intake of high-quality proteins and high-energy carbohydrates.

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Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

According to studies, moderate alcohol consumption has no effect on muscle growth. However, regular drinking of alcohol can negatively affect the anabolic phases, the building metabolism.

Stress can inhibit protein synthesis due to the increased release of the hormone cortisol

The reason for this is that the stress hormone cortisol is catabolic. For healthy muscle building and muscle maintenance, you should keep your stress level as low as possible. This is sometimes not so easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but a wide variety of relaxation methods can help you.

The influence of anabolic metabolism on muscles

Countless chemical reactions take place every second in the human organism. This includes both the build-up of endogenous substances and the breakdown of substances. The so-called anabolic and catabolic phases are closely related to the provision of energy through food. Thus, before you buy anabolic steroids (anabolika kaufen), consult your doctor first. This way, you can know the right dosage to take.

What is anabolic and catabolic?

Metabolism describes all biochemical processes in living organisms. Human metabolism is divided into two processes which are the anabolism and catabolism.

The anabolic phase is generally referred to as the anabolic metabolism. In this phase, your cells deal with the construction of substances. Nutrients taken in through food are used to build up endogenous substances.

The anabolic phase is followed by the catabolic phase, which describes the breakdown of endogenous substances. It is a natural reaction to physical exertion, in which energy is gained from the destruction of bodily substance.

The two phases alternate constantly depending on diet, exercise and sleeping habits. They never happen at the same time. While the anabolic metabolism dominates at night, the catabolic metabolism is more active during the day.